Body language xD

July 27, 2010

                          Body language 


Body language: non-verbal communication consisting of body pose, gestures, and eye movements.

   types of body language 



July 26, 2010

“Asteroid Apophis  has a small chance of hitting Earth in the year 2029 was upgraded to an unprecedented level of risk Friday, Dec. 24. Scientists still stress, however, that odds are further observations will show the space rock won’t be on a collision” said Robert Joy. as in for 2004:was expected for a comet to pass near the earth. i never saw it…

this is still unpredictable…

counter clockwise

counter clockwise


-hopefully Im alive to witness this. :p

-wont u be scared.. >_>

tickle or what?



weeee! :D


July 22, 2010


this tektonik dance is danced  with electro/house/ disco. originated from France, luckily its here now,   i would be glad to learn this. for everyone who knows about this dance would know its looks amazing.

-i like the type of music you can dance this to.

Guillie all the way

July 21, 2010

                             THE BEST OF A GUILLIE SUITE

-Guillie suit is a camouflaged suit shown here.

-in a group of 4 its enough to accomplish there mission.

-one of my goals is to be him 😀

the main thing  would be camouflage.

-these are special Ops.

-suppressed snipe would do the job 😀

-camouflaged rifle.


July 16, 2010


   Ek9  JDM’d out 🙂  

Spoon Ek9


JDM is short for Japanese domestic market. were they sell parts for cars that are mainly used in japan  or that are imports. (sports car, Rally,drift, and drag)

 – this Acura integra with the front end conversion.(2 head lights)

-with the front end its called DC2.

-here in the U.S non front end its plain Acura integra.(4 head lights)

– examples

" the perfect Drifter"










– very known sports car for japan.

-its and ek4 here.

-know as an ek9 type R in japan.

MusiC waVe

July 15, 2010

Surrounding us


  • Electronica,turn tables, and mix tapes would = to this music.

-love the music

scratch scratch scratch

scratch scratch scratch


-gotta love this