Haymore class D:

August 16, 2010

well u might or might not known obout this incident that happend on friday 13 august at HPHS haymores class. what happend is…….. the whole back row ecxept for 2 macs were stolen!! :O

Aaaaand the the backroom full of photography equitment were stolen as well. they bothered to take the projector to. how did they get in there???

this is a perfect example of choosing the wrong…. dissapointmen >:/

what i thought


5 Responses to “Haymore class D:”

  1. Dianaaa said

    thats a funny pic haha

  2. lalydiaa said

    not only haymore’s class.
    but the YEARBOOK STAFF’s cameras!!

  3. lj91509 said

    That sucks…lets just hope that they still manage to do a good job on our yearbook.

  4. pitah123 said

    I like that picture hah.


  5. thuggy11 said

    hahaha he looks like my boyfriend lmao hahah nah i think it was him jk jk lol:) it was you huh? that took the computers… uh uh im telling 🙂

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