November 29, 2010

           Thanksgiving yum, my thanksgiving was great, my mom and sister t0gether made 2 turkeys, ham, smash potatoes, salad, sweets and some other stuph. we also bought pumpkin pie and “Bolillos” the reason being that my aunt, uncle, and cousins were  coming over bringing tamales. when they got there everything was about done, we had two tables fulled of food. we were all eating but many people were eating in different places. like grown ups with grown ups, children all together.  me and my brother were eating in the rooms along with 2 cousins 😀 the next day it was black friday and i didn’t end up going, because i ended up going to go see my little brother play soccer in a tournament for the finals in Rio Hondo. the drive was about 2  hours and a half with traffic. it was very cold because we were next to the mountains, i enjoyed the game because they ended with 5-1 my little bro’s team won. the coach thru an unsuspected party for the whole team and and parents. which was like at 5:30 PM  or sometime around their. the food was delicious they had chicken carne and some other stuff… I remember the hot sauce was spicy.


Somewhere out there

November 17, 2010

since this is my last year in high school i have to wrap up everything i have in mind, and get ready for my chosen career. I think that i i’m likely to find my career in Law Enforcement. becoming an officer and holding my belt for 3+ years so i can rank up to Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) has a snipier.

Being a Academic Champion

November 10, 2010

being a academic champion is all about choosing the right. so you have an idea of what steps you  doing. i have several ideas of what i think being a academic champion is all about.


November 5, 2010

this is a presentation that is all about JDM (Japanese domestic market) . some USDM/MUGEN. pictures i choose were the ones i knew would fit to the category of my interest. i put in a picture of what is known as a RICER, which is the opposite of JDM. it inserted to some links that will take anyone to that specific website.